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Tower Parking Unit

Tower Parking Unit

This concept works on the principle of one central lift stacking the cars in allocated bays to the left and right at each level. This is a very fast and rapid system suitable for very quick turnaround times, and provides the maximum utilisation of space, upto 10 fold increase in car capacity.

The central lift is similar to a elevator with counterweights, which enable rapid acceleration and travel speeds. VPS 's unique drive technology enables the stacking and retrieval of cars at very high speeds with great reliability and robustness.


  • Fastest retrieval time compared to all other parking systems (<90 secs)
  • Maximum utilization of space (upto 10 times)
  • Very few moving parts reduces the operational & maintenance costs
  • Minimum of 3 car spaces is enough to accommodate 30 cars
  • Space for holding 2 cars in the lower levels helps avoid bottlenecking


  • Higher initial set up costs compared to other valet parking systems